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Bantams will live for between 4 - 8 years depending on the breed.

Because the bantam hen is a lot smaller than the standard hen; a quarter of her size, it stands to reason that the eggs will be smaller.

The range of Pekin colors is extensive, including black, white, buff, lavender, and red.

There are 17 standard colors including barred, birchen, mottled and splashed.

add to the already beautiful appearance of the bird.

The bantam cock (pure) throws his head back with such apparent pride in himself and disdain of others, that his little head, surmounted by a rose comb, nearly touches his squarely-cut tail.

The other good thing about keeping bantam chickens is that although they eat the same food as standard chickens they eat half as much, so Depending on the type of bantam breed that you have, if you have a bantam version of good layers, such as the White Leghorn, you can expect your bantam leghorn to lay as many eggs per week as the standard breed.

However, bantam laying capacities vary as much as standard chicken breeds do.

There are also bantams which have been bred small from the larger breeds, which are not really true bantams, but are now recognized as bantam breeds because they have been around for a long time. Again these are not true bantams but rather types of chickens that can only be found as bantams, and are now recognized as bantams as they have been around for a long time.

A DWR best-seller for over a decade, the Bantam Collection (2004) celebrates the soft, less-machined brand of modernism that arose in the United States in the 1930s.

Delivering physical comfort as well as aesthetic pleasure, the entire frame is lightly padded and finely upholstered with a fitted back and a single row of button tufting.

For some people bantam chickens are seen as useless, from the fact that there is not very much to eat on a bantam that at best, would not exceed more than a pound in weight.

However the bantam chicken has meat which is rich and delicate, and their eggs, though small, are truly delicious.Matching piping along the seams reinforces the clean lines of Bantam’s frame.